Sangno, Yangfo, Tagam take top posts in media election

ITANAGAR, 2 Oct: The state’s media fraternity on Sunday elected new executive members of the three press bodies – the Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ), the Arunachal Press Club (APC), and the Arunachal Electronic & Digital Media Association (AEDMA) – for the 2022-2025 session.

Amar Sangno, Dodum Yangfo, and JT Tagam were elected as president of the APUWJ, the APC and the AEDMA, respectively.

Sonam Jelly, Damien Lepcha and Sangge Droma were elected as general secretary of the APUWJ, the APC and the AEDMA, respectively.

The election was held at the DK Convention Hall here. It was conducted by the internal election commission led by chief election commissioner Mukul Pathak, returning officer Bengia Ajum, and assistant returning officer Appu Gapak.

Dodum Yangfo, elected unopposed for a second term as the APC president, expressed gratitude for the support from the members, and gave assurance that the club would work towards raising the standard of journalism through workshops and seminars.

“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, the club could not conduct any workshop earlier. However, with the completion of the new press club building and end of restrictions, journalists will now have a series of workshops and other activities,” he said.

On his third term as the president of the APUWJ, Amar Sangno expressed gratitude to the media fraternity for reposing faith in him by re-electing him as president.

Stating that he would live up to the expectations of the media fraternity, Sangno appealed to all media persons to maintain the highest standard of professionalism and moral integrity.

“A journalist should hold a deep sense of duty and responsibility towards the profession, which should reflect in news contents and stories,” he said.

He also dwelt on pressing challenges such as “mushrooming of Facebook channels, rise of paid and PRO journalism, and issues related to journo-preneurs and non-salaried staffers.”

He said that, with the advent of social media platforms, digital content creators and YouTubers are overshadowing traditional journalism. “Therefore, it is high time that the AEDMA takes serious note of the matter and becomes vigilant in verifying its membership application, in keeping with its byelaws.”

Sangno also appealed to the AEDMA to find a way out in matters relating to journo-preneurs and non-salaried staffers. He said that “journalists having proprietorship interest, or being involved in management should be clearly defined and made distinct from genuine journalists like the APUWJ does.”

Meanwhile, JT Tagam, elected unopposed for his first tenure as the AEDMA president, said that “there are many issues relating to the electronic and digital media in the state which need to be addressed.”

He gave assurance that, with the support of the APC and the APUWJ, the AEDMA would check unethical journalism, especially by its registered members.

“The byelaws of the association will also be rectified, based on previous discussions, and will soon be made available for all in printed form,” he said.

The election was conducted for the posts of presidents and general secretaries of the three media bodies. The executive committees of the organisations will be formed later.