APP organises trekking expedition

HAWAI, 2 Nov: As part of the celebration of 50 years of the Arunachal Pradesh Police (APP), the APP organised a trekking expedition in Anjaw district, under the guidance of DGP Satish Golchha, with the aim of exploring the less explored areas.

The expedition was themed ‘Expedition trek to Hoot Valley-22’. Hoot Valley is located near the Indo-Myanmar border in Anjaw district. This was the first official expedition team to trek to Hoot Valley.

The valley is gifted with a number of natural lakes and rich flora and fauna which remain unknown to people outside the state. The whole length of the trail is full of rich flora, making it a potential tourist destination. The area is close to the trijunction of the international borders of India, Tibet, and Myanmar. This was the active flying route of the US Air Force during World War-II, and was known as the China-Burma-India (CBI) theatre.

More than 500 US aircraft and 1,200 personnel reportedly disappeared in the CBI theatre. Four hundred personnel still remain missing in Northeast India, mainly in Arunachal Pradesh. A few expeditions have been undertaken individually to find lost aircrafts in the area.

The area is unmanned and extremely fragile, with a threat to natural resources by poachers and plant hunters from neighbouring Myanmar. They come this far to collect Paris pollyphylla and other medicinal plants.

Paris polyphylla is one of the medicinal plants listed as vulnerable by the IUCN. Seed viability was found to be low and the seeds did not germinate in laboratory conditions, even under different chemical treatments. There seems to be a need to raise awareness among the people who live in environments in which Paris polyphylla propagates.

Mishmi Takin, an endangered species (IUCN 3.1) is threatened by regular hunting for meat. This rare species is found mainly in the Mishmi hills in Arunachal and neighbouring areas of Myanmar and Tibet.

The trek started at 950 metres and reached 4,200 metres.

Hoot Valley can be one of the best trekking destinations in India. The local people are cooperative and supportive, and are willing to help in developing the area and bringing a sustainable source of income through tourism.

The expedition team was led by SP (SB, PHQ) John Pada and Anjaw SP Rike Kamsi, and included police personnel, supported by BAC Voyages Tours, Treks & Expeditions, Destination Ledum Tours & Travels, Aborcountry Travels & Expeditions, local entrepreneur Bihenso Pul, Arunachal Pradesh Tour Operators Association general secretary Bengia Mrinal, award winning photographer Moge Riba, videographer Gagan Bhuyan, trekking expert Rupak Adhikari, and the GPM, villagers and youths of Kamblat village.

The expedition had been flagged off by IGP Isaac Pertin on 25 October from Tezu in Lohit district, and it took seven days to complete. The team explored seven lakes in Hoot Valley, and said that there are many more to explore.

Besides the trekking expedition, the Anjaw police conducted an LRP to show domination over land along the Indo-Myanmar border.

Some Myanmarese camps were seen in the area, but no intruder was detected during the LRP. The camps, however, were destroyed.