CBOs have vital role in ensuring early completion of TAH

Nyishi Elite Society (NES) president Bengia Tolum on Sunday expressed disappointment over the progress of the work on the Trans-Arunachal Highway (TAH) in Upper Subansiri district. He said that he would have a discussion with the Tagin Cultural Society (TCS) and other stakeholders regarding the pathetic condition of the TAH in the district. The progress of the TAH is particularly slow in central and western Arunachal. The main reasons cited have been compensation and other administrative issues. It is good to see an influential community-based organisation like the NES coming out in public to express concern over the slow pace of work on the TAH.

In fact, community-based organisations (CBO) can play a vital role in ensuring early completion of the TAH as well as other important infrastructure projects. These bodies are very influential in the state and people listen to them. They can act as a bridge between the people and the government. Any issue that creates obstacles in the execution of developmental projects, including the TAH, can be resolved with the intervention of community-based organisations. Further, they can also exert pressure on the state government to speed up the work in case the executing department fails to execute the project on time.