Student accuses recruiting agencies, state govt. of unjustly depriving her of post reserved for PwD

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR 2 Dec: Mudang Yabyang, a physically challenged M.Tech student, on Friday accused the recruiting agencies and the state government of unjustly and repeatedly depriving her of persons with disability (PwD) reservation post.

In a press conference here at Arunachal Press Club, Yabyang claimed that the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) has deliberately disqualified her in the viva voce exam for the post of lecturer in the Polytechnic College by             conducting an unfair viva  interview.

Yabyang further claimed that the APPSC in 2018, advertised 14 posts of lecturers but kept no reserve post for PwD.

“I had repeatedly approached the commission for PwD reservation post. I was targeted by the commission because I raised voice against them,” she claimed.

She further stated that though her ground for fight has been proven before the commission long before the APPSC paper leakage fiasco, justice has been delayed.

Yabyang also claimed that she sought the intervention of both the governor and the chief secretary for justice however, they have also failed her reportedly.

Yabyang further sought Chief Minister’s appointment so that she could present her genuine case before him. “I repeatedly sought appointment with the Chief Minister to take up my case, but my request was never heard,” she alleged.

She informed that the situation has compelled her to come before the media to highlight her plight.

“Let’s not compel me to join democratic movement, I am a physically challenged person, mobility is hard for me. However, if justice is not served I have to go for democratic movement,” she added.