Shocking incident

The abduction of Rupa DFO Bittem Darrang by a group from his residence is shocking and highly condemnable. The DFO was rescued and the abductors arrested within four hours of the incident. At a time when Arunachal Pradesh is making efforts to improve the image of the state, this kind of incident comes as a big setback. It is believed that DFO was abducted with a motive to extort the contract work. The police have done a good job by immediately arresting the accused and rescuing the DFO.

A senior government officer getting abducted from his personal residence raises serious question marks over the law and order situation. The West Kameng district administration has a lot to answer in this regard. If a senior government officer is not safe and can be easily abducted, then how can the state government and people expect them to perform their duty sincerely? It is time the state government goes tough against such people. The law should strongly deal with such anti-social elements. No one in the name of clan, district or tribe extend support to such people who indulge in anti-social activities. The politicians as well as elders should not interfere and let law take its own course of action.