Create more DTO and TIO posts in state


Deputy Chief Minister on 24th January chaired the meeting of development of comprehensive tourism plan which was attended by minister, advisor to tourism minister and director tourism. In the meeting every aspect of tourism development of state was discussed except the shortage of technical manpower i.e, regular district tourism officer (DTO) and tourist information officer (TIO) at many districts. Whenever meeting is conducted regarding tourism development, creation of job opportunities are never part of discussion.

All the concern authorities should understand that our state has huge tourism potential which can be tapped properly only by recruiting personnel from tourism background as DTO and TIO.

DTO and TIO are technical posts, giving these posts as additional charge to other officers will not bring the desired result which is being expected by state government.

Many times unemployed youths have submitted representation for creation and advertisement of DTO and TIO to all concerned authorities but till today, nothing has been done in this regard. Only one post of TIO was advertised in June 2022, whereas half of the state’s districts are without regular DTO and TIO and there are thousands of unemployed tourism graduate youths!

The unemployed tourism graduates appeal to the Deputy Chief Minister to take early initiatives in this regard and ensure more job opportunities for the unemployed youths.

Max Gamin,

Polo colony, Naharlagun