Centre blocking people’s right to choose

The violent action by the Delhi Police against those trying to screen a BBC documentary on PM Narendra Modi is uncalled for. Delhi University’s arts faculty campus saw police action on Friday as students sought to screen a BBC documentary on PM Narendra Modi, even as the government has imposed restrictions. This came just two days after similar scenes were witnessed at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in Delhi.

The government has used emergency powers to force social media outlets such as YouTube and Twitter to take down documentaries as it has references to the 2002 Gujarat riots and recent incidents of communal violence. Adding to this, the violent reaction of the Delhi Police towards the students screening the documentary in the JNU and DU campuses shows the desperation of the central government. It is curtailing the rights of the people. It is up to the citizens to decide whether to watch the documentary or not. Why is the government imposing ban on it and also taking action against people who are screening it? Is the government scared of something? This kind of action in a democratic country goes against the norms of the democracy. The government of India should stop behaving like a dictator regime. India’s democracy is being threatened by such actions by the present BJP government.