Minimum mileage limit fixed for changing tyres, tubes of govt vehicles needs review: Guv

ITANAGAR, 7 Feb: Governor BD Mishra said that there is an urgent need to review the age-old fixed minimum kilometres (mileage) limit for replacement of tyres and tubes of state government-owned vehicles (to save government fund).

He said that he had written a letter in this regard long ago, but no steps have been taken so far to address the matter.

“At present, the minimum limit of kilo meterage for replacement of tyres and tubes of the state-owned vehicles is fixed at 16,000 kilometres. This limit was fixed many years back, when the road conditions were bad. Now the condition of roads has improved. Further, the standard of tyre manufacturing has improved manifold,” the governor said during a meeting with Transport Minister Nakap Nalo at the Raj Bhavan here on Tuesday.

Mishra said that the vehicles in the Raj Bhavan secretariat are safely using tyres upto 35,000 kilometres.

“At 16,000 kilometres use, the government vehicles tyres have substantial residual life for road run use,” he said, adding that “early change of vehicles’ tyres is a great drain on government funds, which is not justified.”

“It is inexplicable as to why the funds-saving measures have not yet been adopted,” he said.

Discussing the tourism sector, the governor suggested to the minister to “develop Vijaynagar area in Changlang district as a place of tourist attraction.”

On being informed about the internet connectivity problem in Taksing area, Mishra assured the minister that he would “take up the matter at the level of the union minister for communication.”

He directed the governor’s secretariat commissioner to ensure that the internet connectivity problem is attended to at the earliest. (DIPR)