Few question integrated Hospital Management Information System


I would like to put forward following few lines to the concerned authorities of integrated Hospital Management Information System(iHMIS) of Arunachal Pradesh and to the government of Arunachal Pradesh.

I came to know that iHMIS department is handling all the digitalisation processes of Arunachal Pradesh Hospitals, through e-Sushrut which is a Hospital Management Information System based on ERP solutions. This system provides accurate, real time electronic medical records (EMR) of patients and streamlines patient care and its associated administrative functions that was implemented for the first time in India in1990s.

And 2022-23 is the implementation year of iHMIS in Arunachal Pradesh, as part of e-governance year, under e-Swasthya Sewa Arunachal, a part of Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission Building Digital Health Ecosystem. Here, Arunachal Pradesh government is in the path of digitalisation of all kind of medical records, including patients health record which would take Arunachal one step nearer to inclusive growth and development.

 So, the Arunachal government have privatised this digitalisation processes especially of health department and signed MoU with B4B IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., headquarter at Telangana, through legal procedures initially for a term of five years for digitalisation along with other construction companies of Arunachal and etc. for infrastructure fulfillments with the motto of inclusive development.

As I know some of my young Arunachalee brethren are working under the same department of iHMIS at various health centres at different districts of Arunachal Pradesh, feeling delighted that they are being part of developing Arunachal in inclusive growth, development and being part of achieving the same goal in given time frame.

But me, as the senior public of the state, who is not directly involved in this journey of digitalisation and inclusive development feels heart broken when the young Arunachalee brethren, the employees of iHMIS are struggling for their survival as their right to equality of wage is breached. Their basic fundamental right of Article 21 is breached. Their salary is not released on time, while the implementation year of iHMIS is not even a year old, the state has began malpractices.

Through the above cited points I would like to draw the government’s attention towards this newly created department. The government should also look after the project otherwise such projects could cause mismanagement of government funds which might ultimately cause failure of the project. Meanwhile, the ultimate victim shall be the general public only.

Therefore, I would like to invite government’s machinery at such project as soon as possible otherwise this would not take time to turn like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan project.

General public