Society should call out those who misuse laws

In what can be termed a watershed judgment, the special judge (POCSO Act), west session division, Yupia, on Thursday sentenced one Likha Yallam to seven days’ imprisonment and imposed a fine of Rs 30,000 on her under Section 22 of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2019 for misusing the Act and giving false information under it. Yallam had instigated her underaged housemaid to file a false rape charge against her husband when the marriage between the two hit rock bottom in 2017. After a five-year-long legal battle, the husband has been freed from the false charges and she has been punished for her offence.

This judgment should be an eye opener for everyone. Crimes against women are the heinous crimes of all. It is the duty of everyone, including the police and the society at large, to make women feel secure. There are so many women who are victims of crimes and are using all the strength to fight for their rights. The women who misuse a serious crime like rape to settle personal score against males are doing immense disserve to fellow women who are victim of such heinous crimes. Because of such false rape allegation, the real victim suffers. It is time that the society at large took a strong stand against such women who use the law to settle personal enmity.