Laudable move by P&L department

In a first of its kind in the state, the planning & investment (P&I) department has set a record by handing over the pension papers and other pension benefits to Millo Pushang on Tuesday – the day of his superannuation as joint director of the department. This was the first time that a government employee saw his pension benefit being cleared on the day of his retirement. This is rare and the P&I department needs to be appreciated for it. Now that it has started this new trend, it should continue it and clear pension benefits of other employees too on the day of their retirement.

It is a known fact that government employees often have to struggle a lot for their pension benefits after retiring from service. They are made to run from one office to another to avail the benefits. Many of the employees, especially those who are from outside Arunachal, face a lot of difficulties in such situations. Imagine a retired employee coming all the way from Bihar to clear his pension benefits. It gives a lot of harassment to the retired employees. The other departments should take a cue from the planning & investment department and try to clear all pension benefits on the day of retirement. The process for it should be started one year prior to the retirement of the employees, so that everything is cleared before he or she retires.