Arunachal Youth Parliament’s symposium begins

Youths are the game-changers: Pongte

ITANAGAR, 3 Mar: A two-day state-level symposium, being organised by the Arunachal Youth Parliament, in collaboration with the youth affairs department, began at the water resource department auditorium here on Friday.

Organised under the theme ‘Reimagining our futures together: Youths as agents of change,’ the symposium is being attended by students and research scholars from various colleges and higher educational institutes in the Itanagar Capital Region.

Addressing the inaugural session, Deputy Speaker Tesam Pongte said that “youths are the only game-changers in the nation and therefore they need to have different mindsets from the common people.”

Speaking on the topic, ‘Youth unemployment challenge in Arunachal and the role of APPSC,’ the deputy speaker urged the youths to believe in dignity of labour. He urged them also to “exploit the state’s resources sustainably for economic growth.”

On another topic, titled ‘Indigenous rights and the Chakma-Hajong imbroglio: Emerging realities and democratic solutions’, Pongte said that, over the years, the Chakma-Hajong imbroglio has transformed, and that now it requires a “different method and approach.”

He spoke also about the consequences of substance abuse and advised the youths to “discuss the issue of drug problem.”

Youth Affairs Minister Mama Natung advised the youths to “embrace responsibility, accountability and ownership” to see change in society.

“This programme is a way forward for the future of the state,” Natung said, and suggested to the organisers to “submit the symposium’s proceedings to the government, which will help the government in policymaking.”

Highlighting the success of the Airgun Surrender Abhiyan, he called for conservation of wildlife to maintain the ecosystem. Natung also asked the gathering to take a pledge to not eat bush meat, especially of birds.

Youth Parliament president Prem Camdir Tallang said that “the Arunachal Youth Parliament is a platform where the youths can interact with the policymakers.”

“Some visions may not be clear and may not be in sync with the government; therefore, such platforms are the need of the hour, so that the burning issues of the state may be discussed,” Tallang said.

The two-day symposium will see a host of panelists, including RGU Professor Dr Nani Bath, Arunachal Citizens Rights chairman Bamang Tago, former AAPSU general secretary Tobom Dai, SIC Gumjum Haider, ANSU president Nabam Dodum, and parent representatives of the supporters and opposers of the ‘APPSC Null and Void Committee.’