Assn urges CE to monitor work progress

ITANAGAR, 6 Mar: The All Itanagar Youth Welfare Association (AIYWA) has submitted a letter to the PWD highway zone chief engineer, urging the latter to monitor “the work execution of protection and mitigation of landslide and erosion of road formation from 10+000 kms to 29+500 kms of Hollongi to Itanagar NH-415, amounting to Rs 37 crore 27 lakhs, which was issued after tender bidding on 28 January, 2022, with a completion period of 12 months.”

“As per the work agreement done between chief engineer, highway zone PWD (AP) on behalf of ministry of road and highway, government of India and Bharat Construction Pvt Ltd, or as per the notice inviting tender, the said work has to be completed by March 2023, but as per our observation and monitoring of work since beginning, it is found that the quality of work and items of work have got compromised,” the association claimed.

“As per the DPR, many old drains, breast walls, parapet wall, retaining walls, etc, have to be dismantled and should be new one. But now it has come to notice that only repair and cleaning of old and existing work such as just cleaned of retaining wall, breast wall and drain too and many more. The amount sanctioned by the government of India for each item of work has not been done and implemented as per DPR of project. Only 50 percent of works and items have been done, and the rest of the work has been compromised,” it alleged.

The association added that “more than 50 percent of work items and quality got compromised. Our intention is that this highway (NH 415) has a critical role to play that connect state capital Itanagar with Hollongi Airport (Donyi Polo Airport) and good amount of fund has been sanctioned by government of India to this highway and same sanction will not be done in the near future for this.”

The AIYWA asked the CE to “monitor the said project and total payment should not be done till the work has been properly done, as per the DPR.”

“It will be illegal if more than 60 percent of payment done to contractor if in case done and said payment should be recalled and rest of remaining should not be done till the work is completed as per DPR,” it said.