PWD should address concern over opening of bridge without testing

The Nugong Banggo Kebang (NBK) has made a serious allegation that the Nugong bridge over the Siang river at Kongsing in Siang district has been opened for public use before its completion and technical load testing. The team alleged that the bridge is posing a great risk to commuters as it may collapse at any time. The PWD, which constructed the bridge, should immediately come out in public and address the concern raised by the NBK. The nature of the allegation made by the NBK is very serious. If indeed any disaster takes place, the PWD will have to take the blame for it.

In the past, Arunachal Pradesh has had a history of witnessing the collapse of newly constructed bridges. In recent years, the collapse of the newly constructed bridge at Tali in Kra Daadi district made a huge splash across the state. Even though there was no loss of lives, the collapse of this bridge did raise serious concerns over the safety and technology used in the construction of bridges in the state. Further, it delayed the effort to connect Tali with the rest of the state through road connectivity. Therefore the PWD should on an urgent basis address the concern by the NBK. There should not be any kind of compromise with the quality and safety of the bridge. Human lives are more precious than anything else.