DNGC celebrates D Creo festival

ITANAGAR, 18 Mar: Dera Natung Government College (DNGC) here celebrated the third edition of the D Creo festival recently.

During the festival, organised by the college’s Arts Club and Literary Club, visual artist Aroskuu presented stunning artwork, while art curator and space designer Agnes Linko showcased her passion for nurturing and supporting local artists and students.

Art installations were also exhibited at the college’s Orchid Lawn.

“The festival’s success was a testament to the vision and leadership of DNGC Principal Dr MQ Khan,” the university stated in a release, adding that “he (Dr Khan) announced his vision to take the festival to new heights by making it a national-level event in the next edition.”

The second session of the festival was attended by renowned actor and theatre activist Tai Tugung, Hindi Assistant Professor Morjum Loyi, and dentist Dr Jomyir Jini as resource persons.

The festival also featured a range of competitions, including storytelling, painting, and poem recitation. The winners were awarded prizes and recognition.

In the English storytelling competition, Don Bosco College’s (DBC) BA 6th semester student Teli Mipu stood first, while DNGC BA 6th semester student Deepok Nasi stood second.

In the painting competition, Lokam Nanya (agri BSc 4th semester, Himalayan University) stood first, while Lemdu Chinyo (BA 2nd semester, government college, Doimukh) stood second, and Morni Gamlin (BA 4th semester, Bini Yanga Government Women College) won the third prize.

In the Hindi storytelling competition, Yalek Nika (BA 4th semester, Bini Yanga Government Women College) won the first prize, and Thomas Bra (BA 2nd semester, DNGC) won the second prize.

In the English poem recitation competition, Talu Mara (BA 4th semester, DNGC) and Tana Chachum (BA 6th semester, DNGC) won the first and the second prize, respectively.

In the Hindi poem recitation competition, Azim Ahmed (Rajiv Gandhi Government Polytechnic) and Pisa Namkum (BA 6th semester, Himalayan University) won the first and the second prize, respectively.