Make locals partners in wildlife conservation

In hugely encouraging news for the animal lovers, the biological park in Itanagar recently received some wild animals rescued by citizens. In the first instance, three female Asiatic wild dogs rescued from Shalley village in Lower Subansiri district were relocated to the biological park. The puppies were rescued by the villagers of Shalley village. Also, last week, a 7 feet long Burmese python was rescued by the Itanagar zoo officials from a culvert in Lumri village in Lower Subansiri district.

Lastly, a baby porcupine was also rescued by one Tana Johan and his team from Tarasso in Papum Pare district and handed over to the biological park. These rescues involving local citizens and officials of the forest department are a very encouraging sign. It is a good sign to see that citizens are also aware of the need to save animals and are therefore making efforts to save them. Such people should be encouraged and awarded by the state government. Conservation of wildlife cannot be done without active support of the local citizens. They are the first line of defence. The district administration and forest officials can also implement the law if they see its violation. Most of the time, killing of wild animals is illegally done, without the knowledge of the authorities concerned. However, if the local people remain alert and become part of the conservation movement, then they will protect the wild animals. Besides conducting awareness campaigns in rural areas, the government should make them partners of the conservation movement.