Villagers erect spurs to prevent erosion by river

[ Litem Eshi Ori ]

LINGKA, 21 Mar: The villagers of Lingka in Ruksin circle of East Siang district have taken up anti-erosion measures to protect their village and fertile cropland from erosion by the Sille river.

The youths of the village erected spurs, using locally available cane, bamboo and grass, to control the flow of the water on the river’s right bank near Lingka, and on the left side of the Poba reserve forest.

However, the effort of the villagers was in vain as high tides of the river washed away the spurs, and the erosion continues. The river has eroded several acres of land, and the villagers are unable to take up an effective anti-erosion measure.

According to village secretary Sagge Gade, “The Sille river is

now just 100 metres away from the village. Seeing the grim situation, the village authority has requested job holders and PRI members of the village to contribute according to their grade to save their own village from further erosion.”

He informed that the erosion occurs because of collection of natural resources from the river, such as stones, sand and gravel, every year.

“This was the fourth time that the villagers voluntarily erected anti-erosion spurs. More than 1,000 bamboos have been used so far,” he added.