Cultural fiesta for G20 delegates showcases state’s cultural diversity

ITANAGAR, 25 Mar: As part of the G20 summit, a colourful cultural programme was organised, showcasing the rich cultural diversity of the state, at the Dorjee Khandu auditorium of the legislative assembly here on Saturday evening.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu welcomed the delegates and apprised them of the various aspects of the state, from topographical diversity to historical facts.

He said that Arunachal Pradesh, which shares international borders with China, Bhutan and Myanmar, is home to 26 major tribes and more than 100 sub-tribes with diverse cultures and traditions.

“People live in complete harmony with one another and nature as well, despite staying in vast geographical land, thus showcasing a perfect example of unity in diversity,” he said.

Khandu informed the delegates that, with 80 percent forest cover, Arunachal is a carbon neutral state and is one of the 10 rich biodiversity hotspots of the world.

He informed also that, besides being the largest state

 in the Northeast area-wise, Arunachal is the only state in the Northeast that has Hindi as its lingua franca.

Legislative Assembly Speaker PD Sona in his address said that “the beauty of Arunachal Pradesh is depicted in the unity in diversity, with people of various tribes bonding with one another and living in complete harmony.”

He termed the evening’s cultural display “a small slice of a large cultural pizza of the state,” and expressed hope that the delegates would take away “beautiful memories of their short stay in the state.”

The cultural fiesta, themed ‘Many journeys, one dream: The Arunachal tale’, began with invocation chanting by priests, which was followed by a rendition of ‘Hamara Aruanchal’ song by Team Arunachal Idol.

Presentation of an audiovisual slideshow of archival images of Arunachal, besides a traditional apparel presentation and a cultural display themed ‘River rhythms’, showcased the cultural diversity of the state.

Around 100 delegates, representing the G20 countries, besides Indian delegates, arrived in the capital city on Saturday for a two-day programme.

Earlier, the delegates were given a rousing welcome by cultural troupes of various tribes at the Donyi Polo Airport, and the delegates later attended ‘the G20 research innovation initiated gathering exhibition’ at the Banquet Hall. (DIPR)