Govt should prioritise constitution of the APPSC


I write with a heavy heart, being one of the countless aspirants whose dreams have been deferred, and whose future hangs in the balance due to the prolonged APPSC paper leakage issue in Arunachal Pradesh. It is imperative for the government to be urged to expedite the formation of the commission.

The ramifications of this paper leakage issue extend far beyond mere headlines. It has brought countless competitive exams to a screeching halt, leaving aspirants stranded in a state of uncertainty. These young individuals have invested their time, resources, and aspirations into securing government positions that have been their beacons of hope.

Many aspirants are now grappling with the financial burden of staying in rented accommodations, continuous coaching, and the relentless wait for examinations. The agony of a prolonged hiatus, while life moves forward, is a significant setback. Additionally, the age limits for various jobs are a source of concern for many aspirants, as opportunities dwindle with each passing day.

It’s disheartening that the APPSC paper leakage issue has persisted for nearly a year, causing immense suffering to those who merely seek a fair chance to prove their worth. However, it’s crucial to emphasise that the investigation and commission formation can proceed simultaneously.

Therefore, we earnestly beseech the government to prioritise the constitution of the commission. This will not only provide much-needed closure to the pending exams but also alleviate the uncertainty that plagues the lives of these aspirants. We implore the authorities to expedite the process and ensure a transparent and efficient examination system. Let’s prioritise the dreams and aspirations of our youths, for they are the future of our great state.