Ensure violence-free election

The report of Longding SP Dekio Gumja getting injured while performing election duty is a serious concern. As per the report, SP was injured when supporters belonging to the NPP candidate from the Pongchau-Wakka assembly constituency, Gangdiap Gangsa, resorted to stone pelting at the office of the district election officer (DEO) at Londging. Elections in Arunachal can be very difficult to conduct. People resort to violent methods when things do not go their way. Unfortunately, it is the government officials who are mostly on the receiving end of such attacks.

This year too it will not be different. The supporters and candidates often take out anger and frustration on the government officials. The election commission should provide sufficient security to the officials working on the field. If the officials feel threatened one cannot expect free and fair elections to be conducted in the state. Further, the people should stop taking the law into their own hands. For elections to be held in a free and fair manner, along with the officials the role of citizens too is important. Also, the candidates should not provoke their supporters and try to maintain calm so the situation does not turn violent. It is in the interest of everyone to have a violence-free election.