Using Islamophobia for electoral interests


Post World War II, Germany has not only forbidden the salute and slogans of the Nazis; the responsible mandarins of the nation constantly discourage excessive show of national flags and anthems, as well as all the mayhem and Jew-carnage that had arisen in the name of ‘nationalism’. This is called taking lessons from history.

Moreover, to enlighten the future generation (born after the war or were infants during the Nazi regime) about the poison named ‘nationalism’ (when treated as an instrument of projecting superiority, so as to make others seem inferior, or like ‘termites’ in racial/religious terms), which act as a severe assault on the very base of civilisation, leading to annihilation of lives and all-round destruction, the German authorities have come up with museum revolving the fangs of Nazism, displaying the pictures of the mayhem. Instead of sweeping the scandals of the nation under the carpet, the Nazi atrocities are constantly kept in light, so that the future generations do not walk on the same path of inhumanity.

Now the latest stance of Germany, not ready to give even the slightest chance to reignite the germ of hatred in the guise of nationalism, should act as an eye-opener for many nations around the world where rampant hatred and nationalism are being promoted as synonymous terms as if more one foments hatred, more nationalist he/she is.

It is simply unbelievable that a particular Roman numeral, as harmless as 44, is being withdrawn from the jerseys of the German football sphere. Since the font being used for 44 unintentionally bears resemblance to the logo of the Nazi party’s notorious dreaded SS paramilitary units (if the two 4s are seen together), the 44 numbered jersey is itself being withdrawn with the German football federation, contemplating an alternative design for the numeral 4.

In contrast, we are not only witnessing a brute exhibition of religious muscle-flexing; even the partition of the country is being invoked by vested interests with a very biased tone and terminology to revive or boost hatred against a particular community. Indeed, nothing can be more tragic than this mindset.

Yes, mere remembrance of the horrors of the partition will not serve much unless we follow it up with something more concrete, like indulgence in serious introspection. We should sincerely contemplate the exact reasons or the root cause behind such mass murder, rampant violence, bloody partition, and mass exodus towards the unknown.

It is high time the hard reality behind the partition needed to be acknowledged. And that hard reality is nothing but possession of poison in hearts and mindset. Yes, the partition of India actually happened only because of supreme intolerance and communal hatred which a large section of Hindus and Muslims possessed in their hearts towards each other, which the vested interests merely exploited and ensured the division. Had such fissure not existed, the partition would have been thwarted fair and square.

But the greatest tragedy lies in the fact that, far from drawing any lesson from the ill-effects of communal hatred, far from nipping communalism right in the bud, unfortunately, we have allowed communal elements to flourish and dominate over the Indian polity where vested interests are reigniting communalism by drawing inspiration from certain rabid ideology which relentlessly plays the trump card of Islamophobia to meet their narrow parochial and electoral interests.

By remembering the horror named partition, we should take an earnest vow not to tolerate any sort of communalism any more. India’s quota of horror shows must be brought to an immediate end. Let promotion of diversity and inclusion be our main goal with staunch opposition registered against xenophobia, violence, and hatred.

Kajal Chatterjee,


Peerless Nagar,