AITF launches ‘Clean election campaign’

ITANAGAR, 15 Apr: The Arunachal Indigenous Tribes’ Forum (AITF) has initiated a ‘Clean election campaign’, “wherein all the federating community-based organisations representing the 26 major tribes have been entrusted to carry forward the clean election mission in their respective jurisdictions,” it informed in a release.

The campaign is aimed at curbing “cash-for-vote,involvement of money/muscle power, threat or intimidation, spiritual invocations, gratifications, luring with power and authority, and threatening post-election action to the vulnerable,” the release stated.

“We are saddened by poll-related violence and death in a few pockets, and the law enforcing machinery needs to be ever vigilant to thwart compounding unpleasant incidents,” it said.

“While we are well aware of the democratic principles of candidature from any part of this great nation, nevertheless, given the multi-ethnic demography of our state and local sentiment, it is our overall advisory and appeal all and sundry to contest from the respective original place of domicile, as contesting from other places is viewed by the aboriginals as ‘political invasion’, likely to trigger dissent and protest with high propensity of breach of law and order.

“There are logical arguments from some corners that Arunachal Pradesh, with its given multi-ethnic and paltry demography, cannot be compared with other parts of the country insofar as candidature is concerned. We are also abreast with reports that the poor economic condition of the locals is being taken undue advantages by the so-called ‘political intruders’.

“Taking into account such considerations, the political map of districts, divisions, subdivisions and circles and the assembly constituencies have been drawn to suit the multi-ethnic constituents of the state,” it said.

“The AITF, under the authority of the apex civil society of the state, appeals to the people of the state for a peaceful and crime-free festival of democracy ahead,” the release added.