Trust shattered

For the past month or so, I was in a delusion because of my little trust in the slogans of the campaigners: a gradual belief that Arunachal would be better in the years to come; that everyone can stop worrying about having enough to eat; that young people can have jobs and incomes; that children and women do not have to be afraid of being violated and victimised.
Before the elections were over, every campaigner claimed that they would change all injustices, but what has happened recently? Government workers and engineers, who are supposed to serve the citizens and the society, and doctors, who are supposed to heal wounds, have been found to have violated underage girls.
Every perpetrator knows that it is against the law, but every one of them has not stopped committing the crime, and those who were loudly canvassing for votes during the election campaigns are uncharacteristically silent at the moment, and no politician has raised a voice in the matter.
Does the end of the elections also mean the end of promises? Criminals will be free again after a short period of punishment, but the victimisation of the children will stay with them as they grow up, and it is the responsibility of every political player to change that.
Hopefully, a politician will emerge in Arunachal who will truly work for the protection of every Arunachali.
Loyi Karyom