KVK conducts farm mechanisation trg

GIDA, 17 May: Forty farmers participated in an off-campus training programme on farm mechanisation, organised by the Kurung Kumey KVK in Gida village on Thursday.

Agricultural engineering specialist Tatung Taka Sikar, who led the training programme along with a team of skilled professionals, including soil science specialist Dorjee Tsering Bapu, horticulture specialist Taru Dumi and agro-forestry specialist Chukhu Yamin, conducted interactive sessions, and emphasised the importance of farm mechanisation in boosting agricultural productivity.

A focal point of the training was emphasis on small farm machinery tools, specifically designed for the hilly terrain of the region. “These tools are not only cost-effective but also portable, making them ideal for farmers facing the unique challenges of hilly landscapes,” Sikar said.

Utilising visual aids, he showcased various modern farm equipment and tools, illustrating their potential to streamline agricultural operations and improve overall efficiency.