Keep religion out of politics


It is a pity that religion, rather than economic issues, take the centrestage in the election campaign for the ruling party at the Centre in our secular country.

Earlier, in feudalism, a king or a feudal lord used to favour his own religion over other religions. History witnessed that such a practice spelt disaster on every occasion. The people felt the need for a complete separation of religion from politics. This gave birth to secularism. All modern progressive nations have embraced secularism after learning how painful it would be to deviate from its path.

The mixture of politics and religion causes two major problems. The first problem arises when a political leader tries to usurp the role of a representative of god. This sounds the death knell for democracy. How can a voter hold a ruler accountable for his actions if he is seen as being chosen by divine power? Therefore, it completely destroys accountability as well as the lock-gate to check corruption and abuse of power.

It creates the second problem when a particular religion is favoured in a country over other religions. It divides the citizens and damages the unity and integrity of the country. It does not allow the policymakers to follow the progressive ideals of equality and fraternity. Rather, it attracts negative things such as discrimination, marginalisation, conflict and unrest.

Some of our neighbouring countries have experienced the danger of not walking on the path of secularism. India must follow secularism and let religion be a personal matter between god and a person.

Sujit De,