Racial instigation and crocodile tears


As if barbaric exploitation of religion and caste is not enough to win the polls by hook or by crook, the who’s who of an outfit have also specialised in racial instigation too to suit their and their party’s evil purposes.

However, their record in this racial hatred aspect is impeccable, to say the least, and nothing to invoke renewed surprise.

During the campaign phase of the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, they had tried to boost their north Indian Hindi speaking vote bank of West Bengal by claiming how the migrants get tortured in the state, in reference to the detention of the Hindi-speaking hospital mandarins for hardly a few weeks following their criminal callousness which had nipped the precious lives of 90-odd vulnerable patients in the 2011 fire incident.

Again, during the campaign phase of the 2021 Assembly polls, they had acted mean enough to invoke West Bengal-Bihar hatred by exploiting the murder of a Bihar policeman in a North Dinajpur village, so as to pamper Bihari vote bank.

There lies no doubt that the lives of all are precious, but why do their tear buds turn overactive when only rarely do the lives of Hindi speakers get unfortunately terminated in non-Hindi speaking states out of sheer law and order issues, bearing absolutely no trace of racism.

Why don’t they demand such an explanation from the Gujarat, Assam and Rajasthan governments, or the union territory of Jammu & Kashmir when Bengali lives get terminated there in cold blood?

Did they utter a single word when Bengali Afrazul Khan was burnt alive and charred to death in the 2017 saffron Rajasthan by Hindutva fanatics in the name of protesting against the fictitious love jihad’?

Where was the deluge of tears when five Bengali persons were shot to death in the 2018 saffron Assam (Tinsukia).

Where did their tears vanish when in ‘terrorism-free’ union territory of Kashmir several Bengali labourers were shot to death by the terrorists in an apple orchard?

What terminology should be reserved for Gujarat where two Bengali migrant labourers were lynched to death? What prevents them from viewing the systematic murder of Bengalis in states which are basking in the glory of the ‘double-engine government’?

Many children of Northeast India also get assaulted or murdered by the racists in north Indian states. Why doesn’t the liberal brigade find racism in such instances?

When the occupants of much higher chairs of this diverse heterogeneous nation should be seen to reside above all norms of demographic divide, how shamelessly can it be seen that, despite swearing in the name of the Constitution, they are barbarically clutching at all norms of communalism, casteism and racism to earn political dividends.

Kajal Chatterjee,


Peerless Nagar,