20 youths recover from drug addiction

[ Prafulla Kaman ]

RUKSIN, 21 May: At least 20 youths of Oyan and adjoining villages in East Siang district, who had falleninto addiction to contraband drugs, have recovered from the habit following treatment at different rehabilitation centres.

The recovered youths, who shared their opinions at a meeting organised by the Oyan Bane Kebang (OBK) in the village community hall on Tuesday, claimed to have realised their misdeeds, and that they are struggling for a bright future. They have also constituted a ‘Recovering Club’ and are working to set up a rehabilitation centre for treating and counselling the newly addicted.

The effort to bring the addicted youths back to normal life was initiated by Oyan Village Defence Party president Suraj Pait, ZPM Bimol Lego, and the gaon buras and gaon buris of the village.

The meeting, chaired by Sille-Oyan CO Duggong Apang,passed a number of resolutions, including further course of action to contain the drug menace in the Sille-Oyan area. It also decided to initiate legal action against persons associated with drug peddlers as well as users.

The CO suggested to the Oyan village authority to “prepare a list of the persons involved with drug trade”and assured to summon them “for bond” to give up the illicit business. He emphasised on “public boycott” of families who do not obey rules and regulations framed by the village authority.

OBK president Mojit Pao lamented that the lives of many growing youths have been spoiled by drug intake, while more growing youths of the area have fallen into the trap of the drug trade.

He assured to move the state government “for granting rehabilitation packages for the youths who have recovered from drug abuse.”

Oyan ZPM Bimol Lego said that their fight against drug abuse “will continue until the destructive practices are uprooted from the area.”

He stressed on concerted effort by the local administration, police, GB, VDPs and government officials to contain the drug menace.

Senior villager Boken Pao exhorted the local youths to not spoil their valuable lives by adopting detrimental practices like drug intake and illegal activities.

Stating that youths are the future resource of the country, Pao advised them to “shoulder responsibility to protect your families, societies and the future generations, as well.”

Everyone present, including Oyan HGB Jatin Bori, social activist Kamol Norah, public leader Tajom Mibang, and senior citizen Sadin Pait, pledged to eradicate drug abuse and social evils from their village “within this year.”