Implement reservation in private sector too


I wish to draw attention to a pressing issue through your esteemed daily. Arunachal Pradesh, with its rich cultural tapestry and diverse populace, grapples with chronic unemployment, imperiling the future of APST youths and marginalised communities of the state. Despite the state’s potential across various sectors, unemployment rates persist alarmingly high.

To address this enduring challenge, it is imperative to explore effective measures, such as implementing robust reservation policies in both public and private sectors. Reservations in the public sector have been pivotal in providing opportunities to underrepresented and disadvantaged APST candidates. Yet, public sector employment alone cannot tackle this issue. The private sector must also engage in mitigating this issue.

Encouraging private enterprises to implement reservation policies for local APST candidates could bring about transformative changes and serve as a game-changer. Presently, there’s a sheer dominance of non-locals in the private sector, aggravating the problem. The sector is creating more jobs for neighbouring states like Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, etc, than our own state. Local entrepreneurs and businesses should take note of this disparity.

Moreover, fostering a shift in mindset and work ethic among the local youths is also imperative. To incentivise private sector involvement, the government could offer tax breaks and subsidies.

Collaborative efforts between the government and private sector in job creation and establishing training centres are vital for addressing industry-specific demands.

Thus, comprehensive reservation policies must be effectively implemented by the government in both public and private sectors to curb chronic unemployment in Arunachal. By creating a supportive environment that includes job reservations, educational assistance and skill development, the state can harness the potential of APST youths and the marginalised communities of the state. It is time for a concerted effort from all stakeholders to build a prosperous future for Arunachal, where employment opportunities are accessible to all.

A worried citizen