Implement UGC guidelines for faculty recruitment and salaries


I am writing to emphasise the crucial role of the UGC guidelines in the higher educational institutions (HEI) of Arunachal Pradesh, both public and private. Implementing the UGC guidelines for faculty recruitment and salaries in the HEIs in Arunachal is crucial for ensuring quality education and fair compensation for educators. By adhering to these guidelines, the HEIs can maintain standards of excellence in teaching and research, attract talented faculty members, and foster an environment conducive to academic growth.

Following the UGC guidelines for faculty recruitment involves transparent and merit-based selection processes to appoint qualified individuals with the requisite academic qualifications, research experience, and teaching expertise. It’s essential to ensure equal and fair opportunities for all candidates, and to uphold the principles of diversity and inclusivity.

Regarding salaries, the HEIs in Arunachal should align with the UGC recommendations to provide competitive and fair compensation packages for faculty members. This includes implementing the 7th Pay Commission recommendations and periodically revising salaries to keep apace with inflation and market trends. Fair remuneration not only acknowledges the value of educators but also motivates them to excel in their roles and contribute effectively to the institutions’ academic mission.

Furthermore, the HEIs must also prioritise the welfare and professional development of faculty members by providing access to resources, training, and opportunities for research and career advancement. By investing in the faculty members’ growth and wellbeing, institutions can enhance their overall academic reputation and student learning experiences.

Therefore, implementing the UGC guidelines for faculty recruitment and salaries in the HEIs in Arunachal is a necessity for promoting academic excellence, fostering a culture of fairness and transparency, and ultimately, ensuring the quality of higher education in the region.

I request the state government and the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission to ensure effective implementation of this system.

A deprived educator