Dr Bath’s unethical, unbecoming statement

It is a gospel truth that ‘politics is a game of chance’ for which it should be fought by rising above caste, creed, community and religion, toeing the principles of the Constitution of India, the largest democracy on the earth.
But it was shocking that an intellectual like Dr Nani Bath, serving as a professor in a university, has reacted in an unethical, unbecoming and unwanted manner by blaming the Christian community for the defeat of sitting Yachuli MLA Taba Tedir, as published in a local daily on 3 June, 2024, and doing the rounds on social media.
Over 99.9 per cent residents of this assembly constituency as per official record are Christians. Does it not mean that he has blamed the total voters by his provocative statement? Because, I as the campaign committee chairman for 2019, am a Christian and facilitated his unopposed victory. In 2024, the campaign committee chairman and almost 90 per cent of its 26 members were also Christians.
Moreover, the election result clearly indicated that it was a neck and neck fight for which Tedir secured 8,027 votes and Toko Tatung got 8,255 votes. Where is the question of Christianity here?
It is worth mentioning here that former American President Abraham Lincoln had described democracy as “…that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”
The result was the victory of the people of Yachuli assembly constituency. Is he not contradicting the globally famous view of a great leader about democracy?
The people as voters are the supreme authority to decide the fate of any candidate in any election fray. Is Dr Bath not questioning the wisdom of the people? If not, he should tender an apology and withdraw his statement forthwith through the local media.
Likha Tara,