Happy Arunachali

The people of the state have given the mandate to the same government which went mute on the state’s biggest scam, and additionally tried to subdue the issue. The nexus between the buyers and the sellers is likely to thrive. I don’t care who buys or sells; eventually I’ll be joining them, probably as a buyer. I am happy, I am an Arunachali.
The unemployment rate has peaked; the youths are tense and demotivated; mere promise of 25,000 jobs will not cater to the aspirations of several lakhs of the ever increasing youth population. Still I chose this government; I am an Arunachali.
The government that began the PRC issue and extorts brownie points out of the Chakma-Hajong issue periodically is going to play its cards again. I like being a scapegoat; I am an Arunachali.
The government is afraid of the Whistleblower Act but promises us accountability and transparency. The politico-bureaucratic nexus that inhibits sportsmanship and entrepreneurship persists. I like this obscure governance; I am an Arunachali.
Finally, I my vote was bought for some thousands of rupees during the polls. I saw no development in my place in the last five years and see no ray of hope for the same in the coming five years. I am enjoying selling my soul because I am….
Pombu Tai Kampung