US mission interviews over 3,900 student visa applicants

KOLKATA, 13 Jun: Over 3,900 student visa applicants were interviewed by the US mission to India’s consular team during the 8th Annual Student Visa Day across the country, including at the US Consulate General here in West Bengal.

The event included programming and engagement with applicants and their families about studying in the United States.

Ambassador Eric Garcetti offered best wishes to all the Indian students. “Every international student on a US campus represents tremendous accomplishment – years of study and hard work that went into preparing for academic excellence. Like those who went before, today’s Indian students also represent tremendous potential – the knowledge you will unlock, the new skills and opportunities you will experience, and the relationships you will build are worth the investment. Each student is an ambassador for India. Together we are taking the US-India relationship forward,” he said.

Consular Affairs Minister-Counsellor Russel Brown in his address said, “This year, as Indian students are poised to become the largest group of international students in the United States, the department of state and our education USA colleagues are excited to welcome student visa applicants on Student Visa Day and throughout the student season.”

More than 100 students and their families participated in the Student Visa Day activities at the US Consulate here.

Consul General Melinda Pavek shared insights on US education, campus life, and cultural exchange, and praised the students for “taking to pursue higher education.”

“You will be joining over one million international students enrolled in US higher education institutions, and more than a quarter of them are from India. Thousands of students from the east and the Northeast will become part of the largest delegation of Indian students in history this year in the United States. As you join vibrant campuses known for fostering democratic values, open dialogue, and personal growth, you become the newest link in the thriving friendship between our nations, contributing to a transformative experience that extends beyond the classroom and equips you for success in a global landscape,” she added.

Students and their families met with educational experts from EducationUSA and spoke with consulate officials about what to expect when studying in the United States.

The United States is the number one higher education destination for Indian students, with studies showing 69 per cent of Indian students prefer a US education to any other destination.

Indian students preparing to travel to the United States can learn about the student visa process by visiting and joining a pre-departure orientation hosted by EducationUSA, the official source of information for higher education in the United States.