Wake-up call

The monsoon rains have started to hit the state hard. Reports of large-scale damage to infrastructure are pouring in from various parts of the state. Some deaths too have been reported. The national highways have been damaged in various locations triggered by the landslides. Water logging was reported from the Doimukh-Potin road and several stretches of the Itanagar-Yupia road. The Doimukh-Potin road was blocked by the landslide.

 As usual, most of the landslides that have hit the Itanagar capital region seem to be man-made. The Doimukh-Potin road was blocked because of the illegal earth-cutting done near the highway. Also in several stretches along Itanagar-Yupia and Naharlagun-Nirjuli road, the landslides caused by illegal earth-cutting near the highway have damaged roads and blocked drains. The authorities have turned a blind eye to it. Why are they not initiating action against individuals who indulge in illegal earth cutting thereby damaging the road? Every year this is repeated and authorities never take any concrete action. This has to stop and it is time authorities wake up from deep slumber.