Heavy rainfall causes extensive damages in ICR

ITANAGAR, 23 Jun: A sudden surge of heavy rainfall on Sunday caused blockages, landslides, and flooding in various locations of Itanagar.

In response, the Itanagar Capital Region (ICR) district administration, comprising DC Shweta Nagarkoti Mehta and other officers, visited nearly all the flood-affected areas to take stock of the situation.

Men and machinery were deployed to clear the blockages and other destruction caused by the heavy rain, as well as to aid in the restoration process.

The SDRF was informed and mobilised in the vulnerable areas for evacuation.

The DDMA’s numbers have been circulated through social media and announcements have been made throughout the city. Affected roads and choked points were identified and the respective executive engineers were asked to take immediate action.

The DC has appealed to the residents to remain alert and take precautions to ensure safety and minimise risks associated with heavy rains and flooding.

As rainfall is expected in next week also, as per an India Meteorological Department (IMD) report, she urged those residing in vulnerable areas to vacate and move to safer locations, or to designated relief camps, and also to take care of their properties and keep them in safe locations to avoid any kind of eventuality.

Further, there was no cloudburst, the IMD confirmed; hence the DC has appealed to the residents to not panic over such rumours. She further informed that the district administration is taking all precautionary measures, including regular public announcements, and has requested residents to stay vigilant to avert any major disasters.

“As monsoon has approached, the possibility of disasters cannot be ruled out. However, we can remain alert and prevent any major disaster from happening,” said the DC.

The Itanagar Municipal Corporation has also been actively assisting the district administration in the restoration process, informed ADC Datum Gadi, adding that volunteers of Magic Club Itanagar, led by Ijum Gadi, also voluntarily carried out cleaning at Energy Park, Itanagar, which was flooded with rainwater, mostly due to human activities.

DDMO Moromi Dodum Sonam informed that the district administration has identified relief camps at all vulnerable locations, including the auditorium of the GHSS in ESS Sector, Itanagar, the auditorium of GSS Chimpu, the multipurpose hall in Borum, the multipurpose hall of GSS Papu Nallah, the multipurpose hall in G Sector, Naharlagun, and the Nyokum community hall, 5/1 Banderdewa.

The district administration had earlier issued an order prohibiting earth-cutting. Despite the order, earth-cutting was carried out in many locations, contributing to manmade disasters. The DC stressed that “those who do not comply with the order will be punished under the DM Act, 2005.”

For any assistance or to report emergencies, the district emergency operating centre can be contacted at 878-7336331, and the DC office helpline can be contacted at 8730-977604.

Several other places, such as Abo Tani Colony and Niti Vihar area in Itanagar have been affected, informed Disaster Management Secretary Dani Salu.

Salu clarified that “the rainfall does not come under the definition of cloudburst.”

The IMD had defined it as a cloudburst with 100 mm rainfall.

National Highway 415 between Itanagar and Naharlagun has been damaged by the rain. No casualties have been reported, however. The Dree ground in Papu Nallah has also been badly affected by the heavy rainfall.

Kongko village in Chimpu area, besides Banderdewa and Karsingsa, Press Colony in Papu Nallah, Sood village, Tarajulu village, Nirjuli, and Borum have been affected.

Kime Pakka, Tagin Colony, Modirijo, and Niti Vihar in Itanagar were badly affected. Out of the population of 3,000, 300 have been severely affected.

Several houses in Niti Vihar, Kime Paka, Tagin Colony, and Modirijo were reportedly washed away. Around 70 houses were inundated in Tarajuli, Papu Nallah and Press Colony.

Many locations were affected by landslides that washed away compound walls and CGI sheets.

The hanging bridge leading to Puroik Colony in Papu Nallah has been completely washed away.

Three deaths due to monsoon rains have been reported since April 2024 – one each in Siang, Upper Subansiri and Namsai districts, according to the disaster management department.

At least 75 villages have been affected in several districts of the state, the department added.

Despite heavy rains in Arunachal Pradesh over the recent weeks, the weather had improved in the past two days with no forecast of rain, officials said. (With inputs from DIPRO and PTI)