Protecting the environment is vital


When I saw over 9,000 kgs of legacy waste removed during a cleaning activity at the Energy Park stretch of the Yagamso River, I realised how serious the pollution is in our state and how poor people’s environmental awareness is.

People habitually dump garbage into the rivers or on their banks. Heavy rainfall during the monsoon brings garbage together, blocking the river, and eventually causing floods that submerge roads and villages. At the same time, the river is polluted by garbage, which is easy to breed mosquitoes and bacteria, causing a variety of infectious and parasitic diseases. Therefore, the harm done by humans to nature will eventually rebound on us.

The community and the team should do a good job of publicity, raise environmental awareness, and urge them to stop dumping garbage into the rivers. Also, residents living close to the rivers should remain vigilant, pay attention to safety, and not drink polluted river water.

Aarna Gupta