Is it worth the wait?


Government job competitive exams are a buffer created by the govt. to manage unemployment. The youth keeps fighting for the posts and stay away from the economy for 4-5 years. While some gets the job, most of them don’t. In the end they end up believing they were incompetent. While the incompetency aspect is subjective, the current economy does not provide enough opportunities to serve the wide spectrum of skills of the youth.

For e.g, a plumber in the U.S.A. makes $51k-$83k(?42-70)lacs per/year, which is comfortable for him to lead a decent life.

The same is not true in our state and that’s why when someone cracks an exam the media/society glorifies it. Such news instills the feeling of, “if he/she can do, so can I,” which is indeed good. However, the fact remains that the seats remains the same.

After wasting the significant years of skill building the society tells them “Tum accha se padhae nahin hoga” and they starts believing it. Further the enthusiasm takes a nosedive thinking “Itna padhai janne waala log ka saath kaha sakega upar se itna competition” and the cycle continues. Who can forget the recent imbroglio i.e. the notorious APPSCCE paper leakage fiasco, which added more fuel to the fire.

This is how the govt. keeps us in the buffer. Rather than questioning them we end up questioning ourselves. Although we are also responsible for it by being so naive.

 A Denizen