Safeguard human rights: Release Ebo Mili immediately 


The arrest of Ebo Mili, a prominent anti-dam activist from Arunachal Pradesh, has sparked widespread concern and calls for justice for human rights advocates and environmentalists alike.

Mili, known for his tireless efforts to protect the indigenous rights and ecological balance of Arunachal, has reportedly been detained in view of the visit of union Power Minister ML Khattar. This arrest raises serious questions about the government’s commitment to upholding human rights and respecting the voices of dissent in environmental matters.

Mili has been a vocal critic of large-scale dam projects in Arunachal, which he argues pose significant threats to the region’s fragile ecosystems and the livelihoods of indigenous communities. His advocacy has been instrumental in raising awareness about the potential environmental and social impacts of these projects, garnering both local and international support.

The arrest of Mili underlines a disturbing trend where environmental activists and indigenous leaders are targetted for peacefully expressing their concerns and defending their rights. Such actions not only undermine fundamental freedoms of speech and expression but also hinder constructive dialogue and solutions to pressing environmental challenges.

It is imperative that the government of Arunachal upholds its constitutional duty to protect human rights, including the right to freedom of speech and assembly. Arbitrary arrests and intimidation tactics only serve to stifle dissent and erode democratic values that are essential for sustainable development and social harmony.

We call upon the government of Arunachal to immediately release Mili and drop all charges against him. Furthermore, we urge the authorities to engage in meaningful dialogue with activists like Mili, who play a crucial role in advocating environmental justice and the rights of indigenous peoples.

The international community, civil society organisations, and concerned citizens must also raise their voice in solidarity with Mili and other environmental defenders facing similar challenges worldwide. Together, we must hold governments accountable for respecting human rights and ensuring that individuals like Mili can continue their vital work without fear of reprisal.

In the spirit of justice and human dignity, let us stand together to safeguard the rights of all individuals who courageously speak out for the protection of our planet and the wellbeing of future generations.

Johanne Reh