Saturday, October 19, 2019

APST women: Identity and gender inequality

The status of a child born to an Arunachal Pradesh Scheduled Tribe (APST) woman and a non-APST man has been challenged time and again...

Reluctant government employees

If you notice, a lot of private job advertisements in this daily specify that only non-tribal candidates need to apply. Elsewhere in the world,...

Pedestrians’ woes

Are the pedestrians safe on the roads in the Capital Complex? The answer will, of course, be a 'no.' The other day, a speeding bike...

Two faces have I

Monday Musing The only form of racism that cuts closer to the bone than crass racism is subtle racism, ask any educated racist. That condescending smile…...

Inaction continues as drug menace thrives

Monday Musing The state government had allocated Rs 10 crore in the last budget for modernizing drug de-addiction centres across Arunachal Pradesh. The budget session for...

A river that needs special attention

Government agencies took almost two months to reveal the probable cause of the Siang river turning muddy - that too after a biological scientist...

Say no to the greedy minority

First they went for the NERIST, then RGU, then the greenfield airport project - and now the NIT. Some groups of people in the...

Lost in the web

Communication has changed massively over the past few decades across the world, and Arunachal seems to be trying to keep up with the changing...

Politics of parties

With elections scheduled for 11 April, it is unlikely that the politics of political parties will leave you alone; even if you do not...

Word to the wordsmiths, with a smile and a wink

It's easy, after reading a dozen novels, to decide to become a writer. But getting down to the brass tacks of the job and...


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