Sunday, January 19, 2020

Look east and learn

Monday Musing During a recent meeting in New Delhi to review the progress of the highway projects funded by the central government in the Northeast...

Concerns over conservation

Monday Musing For many tribal communities, hunting of wildlife for sustenance has been the way of life throughout their history. Arunachal is inhabited by the world's...

In search of better opportunities

Monday Musing Aonong (name changed), a 30-year-old woman from a remote village in Arunachal, presently working at a mall in New Delhi, has not been...

Smoke and mirrors

Monday Musing 'I must search for wisdom every hour, Deep in my wrathful bosom sore and raw, And find in it the superhuman power To hold me to...

Uncertain times ahead

Monday Musing The Indian state has militarized Assam, following protests against the amended Citizenship Act (CA). Six people are reported dead in police firing and at...

Lokayukta: A toothless cub among ravenous hyenas

Monday Musing Truth be told, Lokayukta, the anti-corruption ombudsman organisation, is an unwelcome entity in every Indian state - at least in the states where...

Lessons from Arunachal

Monday Musing The vandalizing of Durga's idols in Doimukh just a day before the Durga puja festival in October this year had cast a big...

Skeletons in our closets

Monday Musing Some of the most interesting things to watch on television these days, other than the screaming and shouting wannabes of reality shows, are...

An adventure of the modern times

Monday Musing The enthusiasm among my fellows over the National Press Day celebration this year took me back to the days as a journalist new...

Shooting prices, falling sales

Monday Musing The stiff rise in the prices of vegetables in the markets of the capital complex in the recent past put the consumers' budgets...


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