Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The importance of being artless

You might call it a paradox of the times that talent these days often expresses itself most fluently in people who have absolutely no...

Ailing school education

Yet again, Arunachalee students have not done well in the Central Board of Secondary Education examination. The score is well below 50 percent in...

Submitting to toxic masculinity

A group of women were having a conversation. With all the chattering and sounds of laughter, anybody overhearing them could without any doubt tell...

Chinese democracy ?

Arunachal Pradesh requires a term of its own to define adult franchise and democracy as seen during elections in the state. The election fervour...

Is the State Entrepreneurship Act working?

As the number of the state's educated unemployed people is increasing day by day, the avenues of income for the upcoming generation are becoming...

Alcoholism and Arunachal

Arunachal's culture encourages imbibing alcohol without much reservation against it. Offering apong to guests is a unique tribal custom which is little known...

A question of conscience

With the voting day for the simultaneous Lok Sabha and assembly elections just a few days away, the political atmosphere in the state is...

Are the political parties bereft of ideology?

With the date of the simultaneous assembly and parliamentary elections approaching nearer, electioneering by the political parties is picking up rhythm across Arunachal Pradesh. A...

Watching ‘Neverland’

As a kid growing up in the ‘80s, I was, like millions across the globe, a star-struck Michael Jackson fan. As if mirroring Wade...

The Batti Project: Lighting Arunachal one batti at a time

While the country is gearing up for the elections, the team of ‘Further and Beyond’ are working towards raising funds for ‘The Batti Project’...


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