Sunday, January 19, 2020

The saga of political instability

Though nothing is being stated officially, the political circle of the state is abuzz with the possibility of yet another political coup. No one...

New hope for cancer patients

As per the Indian Council of Medical Research's (ICMR) population-based cancer registry's 2011-14 data, Arunachal Pradesh has registered about 2,500 cancer cases, with Papum...

Is the State Entrepreneurship Act working?

As the number of the state's educated unemployed people is increasing day by day, the avenues of income for the upcoming generation are becoming...

Lokayukta: A toothless cub among ravenous hyenas

Monday Musing Truth be told, Lokayukta, the anti-corruption ombudsman organisation, is an unwelcome entity in every Indian state - at least in the states where...

The NERIST unrest

The North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) took centre stage this past week. When we first followed the story of the NERIST...

APST women: Identity and gender inequality

The status of a child born to an Arunachal Pradesh Scheduled Tribe (APST) woman and a non-APST man has been challenged time and again...

A letter to the Raj Bhavan

A mother from Kra Daadi wrote a letter to Governor BD Mishra, stating that a man, who she owed money, has sold her daughter...

Alarming rate of drug addiction among youths

According to a government report, Arunachal has emerged as the top among illegal opium producers in the country given its geographical closeness to the...

Will the greenfield project ever take off?

Will the greenfield airport project in Hollongi ever take off? This is the million-dollar question of every Arunachali at the moment. The state government on...

Duty, responsibility and fire mishaps

How many fire mishaps occurred in the state during the month of January this year? I know it is a bit of an awkward...


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