ASMs oppose bifurcation of Bameng East Anchal Samiti

SEPPA, Aug 31: In a representation to the Deputy Commissioner of Seppa on Wednesday, five Anchal Samiti Members of 2-Bameng East Anchal Samiti claimed that despite their opposition to the bifurcation of the said Anchal Samiti into two blocks, the authority concerned is going ahead with the bifurcation process.
Pleading to the DC to keep the matter in abeyance, the ASMs of 19-Londa, 18-Lorrah, 25-Sangbia, 22-40th Mile Camp and 26-Paffa gram panchayats have alleged that the Member Secretary had used the attendance sheet of Anchal Samiti meeting to give a wrong impression to the East Kameng Zilla Parishad that there was a consensus.
The guidelines require two-third majority decision at an Anchal Samiti before sending such proposal for bifurcation to the Zilla Parishad for a final call.
“Our signatures in the attendance sheet were misused to give an impression that we said ‘aye’to the proposal for bifurcation”, they claimed.
“Out of the total 13 ASMs said to have attended the Anchal Samiti meeting, we the five undersigned ASMs never said ‘aye’ to the vague proposal. Therefore, there is no two-third majority (decision). The attendance sheet does not reflect our decision,” the ASMs said, adding that minutes of the meeting signed by the block chairperson did not reflect their negative votes.
Further, they also alleged that two signatures in the gram sabha minutes of the meeting which reportedly took place on August 17, 2017 were forged.
“In fact, no such meeting took place”, added Mayang Lorrah, Gram Chairperson of Lorrah,whose signature was allegedly one of the two forged.
The ASMs are citing lack of transparency, absence of administrative logic and neglect to geographical contiguity as the reasons for their opposition.