Joint team of agri scientists visit Kibithu and Walong

HAWAI, Aug 31: A joint team of KVK Anjaw and Central Agricultural University, Pasighat conducted inspections of Kibithu and Walong for identification of indigenous landraces of agricultural and horticultural crops and its insect-pests.
The team comprising of Dr Mukul Kumar (Plant Breeder), Dr M M Kumawat(Entomologist) and Dr B P Mishra (Social Scientist), led by Senior Scientist and Anjaw KVK Head, Dr Manish Kanwat interacted with the members of the farming community of Kibithu, Tilam, Bara Kundun, Dhankhethi and Sarthi, and surveyed their fields to know of the indigenous crop varieties and their cultivation practices.
It was also observed that walnut trees were seriously infested with trunk borers and defoliators, while chilli crops were highly affected by cutworms. The infested samples were collected for lab identification.
The agri scientists emphasized on use of quality planting material from authentic source and to follow scientific cultivation practices for higher yield.
MLA Dasanglu Pul also suggested to extend the scientific services to farmers of border area of Anjaw district.