Give more importance to tourism sector

Dear Editor,
Arunachal Pradesh has huge tourism potentials. If it is properly tapped and promoted, the tourism sector can bring huge revenue and create huge employment opportunity for the unemployed youths of the state.
District Tourism Officers (DTOs) and Tourist Information Officers (TIOs) play a very important role in the promotion of tourism in districts in particular and in state in general. In spite of their crucial role in promotion of tourism, many posts of DTOs and TIOs remain vacant. In many districts charges of DTO are given to administrative officers and these administrative officers are unable to give full time to their additional charges. It is beyond our comprehension why government is not advertising these vacant posts.
Our Chief Minister and parliamentary secretary (tourism), who themselves are from popular tourist areas have better knowledge about the importance tourism and its advantage. Without field officers in tourism department there will negative impact on tourism industry of our state.
Therefore, we Degree/Diploma holders in tourism study appeal to the state Govt and concerned ministers to advertise the vacant posts of DTO and TIO within this year.
Tachang Morpe, Hake Rikam, John Produn, Hage Tarung, Lily Wangso and Mary Mele
(Degree/Diploma holders in tourism studies)