Local germplasm collection

HAWAI, Sep 20: In order to collect, conserve and preserve local germplasm, KVK Anjaw conducted a local germplasm collection cum field visit of villages in Walong and Kibithoo circle of Anjaw district from September 14 to 16.
The team, comprising of SMS, Agronomy Khoisnam Naveen and Keshab Programme Assistant C H Gogoi, collected different germplasm comprising of maize, miniature pumpkins, chillies, muskmelons, and tomatoes.
The team also interacted with farmers from Bara kundan, Chota Kundan, Moshai, Chakung, Walong, Namti, Kahao and Gai villages, where SMS Naveen informed the villagers about the benefits of the Plant Protection Farmers Rights Act and the need for conservation of local germplasm.
It lauded the work of progressive farmer of Gai village, under Walong CD block, Badulu Manyu for her continued efforts in conserving different local germplasms.