World tourism day for the VIPs and officers

Dear Editor,
I would like to highlight the celebration of world tourism day, which was held on 27th September 2017 at Arunachul university of studies, Namsai campus. As the advertisement for the said event could be seen around the walls and street of Namsai, the excitement could be felt in all around the places but when the day of function arrived all that enthusiasm and excitement fade away as it was all meant for VIPs and high level government officials.
The very first blunder made by the organizer was choosing the wrong venue; it seems more like some promotional and inaugural function of the AUS rather than the event of world tourism day.
Organizers could have gone for some other open venues where the theme of awareness of creating tourism could have been exposed to the general public in more efficient and friendly manner.
In the evening session of cultural event the seating arrangement was made in such a way that only 100 person could be accommodated inside the pandal, with only VIP’s and some govt. Official in and around the hall.
The most embarrassing part was the closing of entrance gate of the university during the function. It happens like as soon as the VIPs and dignitaries arrived the organizers closed the gate leading to no access to the public, which definitely was a sign that this so called event world tourism day was only meant for them.
I could sadly see the students and public trying to enter the gate which were intruded by some official asking them to leave saying as this event is meant for only special invitees and not an event for all the people. I even notice some culture troops left outside who were not allowed to go inside as they didn’t had any identity to show but the irony was that the organizers themselves didn’t issue any badge or I cards for the participants, so how could one tell them that they are part of the event or not.
It wasn’t the same event which was celebrated in other districts in previous year where event was for all awareness of general public and in open areas where all the people were part of these event.
They consider it as great success of event but in reality it was a complete failure as people for whom the govt has organized this event was deprived of becoming part of it. So it is my sincere request to the Department of Tourism to organize such events by keeping the concern of awareness towards the public rather than that of VIPs and officers.
I’m still wondering for whom the event was organized because just like me, there were others who were not allowed to witness the event just because we were public and not a special invitee.
A public