Educational institutes facing encroachment threat

The premier technical institute of Arunachal, the North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) is facing serious threat from ever increasing encroachment problem. On Saturday Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Dr B D Mishra during his visit to institute expressed concerns on the issue of encroachment. Over the year encroachment of NERIST has manifold and if the trend continues the institute will be left with no land for future development. The people of Nirjuli where NERIST is located should join hand with government agencies and fight against the illegal encroachment.
The encroachment of institute’s land sends out wrong signal to rest of the country. Students from across the India are studying in NERIST. Seeing the mess in the institute they will develop bad impression about Arunachal. Today not only NERIST, several educational institutes including schools and polytechnic colleges are facing encroachment problem. It is unfortunate that people do not hesitate to illegally capture the land belonging to educational institutes. People of Arunachal need to introspect and stop these kinds of illegal activities. State government should properly map the land belonging to educational institutes and keep the record properly. Also strong action should be taken against those people who are involved in illegal encroachment. As Governor has raised concern over encroachment problem of NERIST, the state government should look into it and take strong action against people involved in it.