AAPSU asks govt to come up with legislation

ITANAGAR, Oct 9: The All Arunachal Pradesh Student’s Union (AAPSU) on Monday demanded that the state government come up with clear cut legislation in the upcoming legislative assembly session against granting of citizenship to Chakma and Hajong refugees in the state.
Addressing a press conference at the Arunachal Press Club here, AAPSU President Hawa Bagang said that state government should come up with legislation against granting citizenship to the refugees as per the one-point resolution of the all-party meeting.
He also demanded that the opposition in the state come up strongly against the ruling government if it fails to properly address the issue in the upcoming legislative assembly session.
Speaking on the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy of 2014, Bagang said that the policy should be rolled back immediately. He opined that when Tibetan refugees are already given demarcated settlement areas and the state government is providing basic amnesties to them, there is no point of implementing the TRP in the state.
Further, the AAPSU President condemned the individuals criticizing the union and spreading false rumours against it in social networking sites over the refugee issue.
“The issue will not be resolved by questioning the integrity of the union or criticizing it based on assumptions”, said Bagang.
He also called on individual(s) who wish to get information on the initiatives of the AAPSU on the refugee issue, to visit their office to get more clarity.
Bagang said that they are handling the matter technically and once their golden jubilee celebration is over they are planning to visit Chakma and Hajong inhabited areas.
Meanwhile, the AAPSU also welcomed the state government’s decision to hand over the investigation of the infamous PDS scam to the CBI, but added that the state government should see to it that wrongdoers are punished accordingly as per the law.