Letter to the Chief Minister

Dear Editor,
This is to bring to your notice the sufferings of the common people due to the unending traffic jams on the National Highway 415 between Itanagar to Nrjuli, which is the nerve centre of the twin capital complex.
For the last ten years, I have been observing these traffic snarls on this road. This is due to the poor management of traffic system which needs urgent attention. It is often seen that there are only a few constables posted on tri junctions and squares of the city roads who are poorly trained and inexperienced in managing the traffic flow of the increasing number of vehicles in the capital complex.
Let us look into some other cities of the north east like Gangtok in Sikkim or Aizawl in Mizoram which in comparison to our capital complex are smaller and roads are narrow whereas the numbers of vehicles on these roads are more than ours. Yet, during my many visits to these places I have never come across any traffic jams in these cities. On the other hand, I found the system of managing the traffic in these cities far better. I have even observed that at times even top ranking police officers holding batons are also on the roads managing and guiding the traffic flow which goes on smoothly.
Moreover, the four-laning of NH 415 is likely to be a snail’s pace affair and it may even take decades to finish which is supposed to be a solution for our traffic jams.
The problem in our capital complex is manifold.
Firstly, there is no separate traffic police department in Arunachal Police force. Though there have been many decisions regarding setting up a separate traffic police force by recruiting and training more personnel this has not been done.
Secondly, there is no system of making aware the drivers about safe driving, disciplined driving and proper parking of vehicles. Talking of parking, one can find vehicles parked on the roadsides haphazardly adding to the traffic jams. This is because there is no proper parking slots on the city roads.
Though the capital complex has a strong police force with over 200 numbers of personnel from top to bottom ranking, yet no starred police officers other than a few constables on the roads are seen. It is time the officers come out of their air-conditioned chambers and help the suffering masses of the capital complex.
We also have five IRBN battalions, two APBN, and a couple of CRPF and ITBP companies also are on law and order duty, they seldom interfere in traffic brawls which add to traffic woes resulting in law and order situation.
Finally, it is regrettable to note that during the national holidays like Republic Day and Independence Day and our Statehood Day, many high ranking police officers are awarded medals for distinguished services but their contribution to the state police force is anything worth mentioning. But ordinary constables who are on the roads around the scorching, raining and chilling cycle of seasons hardly get any recognition.
Kindly pay some attention to this letter and do the needful to mitigate the suffering of the road users of the capital complex.
Kipa Babu,
Former MLA,