Provide us a date

Dear Editor,
It is an appeal to the APPSC to kindly declare at least tentative date for the APPSCCE Prelims examination. Keeping the aspirant in limbo is not good.
We also appeal APPSC if candidates have made minor errors in filing the forms should be given another chance to fill the form. Just give them 15 days more time to fill up again. It may be tedious job for APPSC but it will keep away unnecessary controversy. As last time, candidates who were rejected in the scrutiny, filed case in Court, and then the ordeal started that time. Court took months to give the verdicts, which was again headache for the aspirants. Trust me, it harass and torture us mentally when exam date gets postponed again and again.
And I personally stand with the rejected candidates because each serious aspirant spends precious time of their life preparing for this exam with high level of energy and time. Many has debarred all his life’s decision or planning for this exam. And then for one silly mistake, aspirants are barred from appearing in exam, which is totally unjustified.
To make the matter worse, APPSC takes three four years time to the conduct APPSCCE exam, unlike in other states where they conduct Civil service exams every year without fail.
I pray to APPSC to please provide us tentative exam date. So that accordingly we can also schedule our preparation. Just provide us one date, don’t keep us hanging in a pendulum, which is quite a harassment to us.
An aspirant