The problem of an Arts graduate

Dear Editor,
In our state majority of APST are Arts graduate and it is also a fact that majority of unemployed APST youth are from Arts graduate. It is not that arts graduates are less talented or less laborious than candidates of other stream.
Thing is that Arts graduate are not allowed to compete with student of other stream by making post a technical one. As for example, earlier post of FAO/TO was general post. But it was made technical one and arts graduate became ineligible to apply for it. Then for the post of Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) also arts graduate were not allowed to apply. But where the arts graduate can apply, there math’s paper stands like a one big mountain which is very difficult to cross.
Consequently numbers of arts graduate clearing the competitive exam is less.
For the posts like Range forest Officer (RFO) even computer graduate are eligible; for the post of meteorological inspector even civil engineer are eligible then why arts graduate are being discriminated to apply in various posts.
If every post is made technical one, what will we do with our degree?
A citizen